About Us

Long lasting books, infinite magic

Our values

We believe in books. We believe in what they teach us. We believe in sharing them. We believe in protecting them. But we also believe in making a statement. We believe in showing who you are. We believe that in every accessory, there has to be a part of you. We believe in our book huggers.

Our mission

Here at mimimo, we are booklovers just like you! We consider books to be little treasures meant to be passed on to friends and family. Our mission is to bring you unique colourful, and full of personality book sleeves. Made with love and touches of magic, our book huggers will allow you to just throw your favourite book of the moment into your bag and bring it with you anywhere.

Our story

We’ve been there too many times. You are reading on the bus, and before you know it, it’s your stop. You quickly put the bookmark in, throw the book in your bag and rush to get through the crowded space and out to the street. You get home only to find that the book has fallen next to the half-eaten sandwich wrapped in a paper bag. Yet another book has fallen to the dangers of our rapid lifestyles. Your library will have to carry this stain.

At mimimo, we have decided to put a stop to such misfortunes. That’s how we started making book huggers. First, for our family and friends, to protect their most precious stories. Then, for you, to pass on the pleasure of reading to future generations. We don’t want you to ever worry about your book’s safety again. Whether you are on a bus or a plane, in a park or a busy downtown street, you can devote yourself to reading without risking your book’s well-being.

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