How to Read More: Simple Tips on How to Make Reading your Daily Habit

Read more and be happy.

Have a book with you at all times (Remember to keep it safe with your favorite book hugger)

This may sound ridiculous, but it works! We sometimes don't realize how often we get into the situations where we have to wait. Nowadays, we fill in those time periods with mindless scrolling through our Facebook feed, but having a book with you will provide more chances to read throughout the day.

Which brings us to the next point:




Get rid of your phone

I mean it. Throw it away, silence it, lock it, give it to your roommate. Dopamine is stronger than any passion for reading. We want that rush we get every time we get a new message. But knowing that our brains can't multitask, the reading process with our phone next to us becomes a series of page re-reading because we got that tag on Facebook that had to be checked right away.




Make a habit out of it

Schedule a particular time for your reading routine. Maybe for some, it will be early mornings when everyone else is still sleeping. Perhaps some people will prefer daytime or late-night reading. Whichever it is, consistency is the key. By making a habit out of it, you eliminate the chance that it will get postponed because of something that is more important.




If you don't like the book, put it aside

You don't owe it to anyone and, most of all, you don't owe it to the book. If it doesn't feel right, don't think that you have to finish it. This will only drive you away from reading in the future. There are millions of books out there, not every one of them is going to fit your expectations and tastes. Make peace with it and move on.





Always pick the book you will read next

Making a to-do list enhances your productivity. In the same way, making your to-read list will help set goals and bring the feeling of accomplishment. It prepares you but also gives you a chance to choose between different genres each time your pick the next read.




Share your passion

You will be amazed by how many people share the same tastes in books and are willing to join you on your journey. It's such a fantastic feeling when you realize that someone else thinks the same way you do or has something to say about the books you loved! Websites like Goodreads are a good start but feel free to search for blogs if you have something very particular in mind.

Share with us your favorite tips to include reading in your routine!

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